We didn’t mean to worry anybody about the baby’s fever. It wasn’t anything to worry about, and all seems to be better now. And, outside of the typical chronic lack of sleep, things are pretty good all around. If anything, the baby hasn’t slept a whole lot today, though she has certainly been active and alert. She didn’t really want to be awake until about 10pm or so last night, so if she’s adjusting to a more classic human non-goth/vampiric circadian rhythm, all the better. She does like to nurse, and, BOY HOWDY!, can that girl throw a fit when she ain’t happy. And is she ever gassy! Takes after her mother, natch.

As far as pictures, I am putting together a new base computer, but it’s being a real, errrrr, nasty thing about something. I can’t even get it to post, and I have tried all sorts of solutions. Once I can get it up and going, I’ll make pictures a priority.

And now, the part some of you have been kinda sorta waiting for: The Name.

Now, while we appreciated some of your wonderful suggestions, such as Six, Seven, Color (Owen’s suggestion), T (my boss), Smoltzie (why be a hater?), Pickles, and Samuel Joseph, we regret to inform you that you have been completely and utterly ignored. Especially the Smoltzie thing (why oh why the hate???). We have decided on:

Willow Fonteyn Mueller

Let’s be clear of one thing. If you’re named William or Bill or Willie or Mortimer, don’t flatter yourself. Willow was not named for you. Monica and I really liked the name Willa from one of Owen’s stories, but I preferred the tie-in to nature with Willow over Willa. Thus, we have Willow. Willa is a perfectly acceptable nickname. For those of you who know about my relationship with Owen’s name, you would know I probably wouldn’t remember his name if I didn’t write it occasionally.

As for Fonteyn, Monica loves ballet. Nuf ced (and you can check the link above if you don’t know about Margot Fonteyn [cuz wikipedia is always such a reputable source of information]). Of course, I like Maya Plisetskaya more, but I got Willow and, heck, Fonteyn is much easier to spell than Plisetskaya.

Signing off for now.


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