Language Acquisition, Part I

We’ve used sign language with both Owen and Willow, and we have really enjoyed the experience. This is mainly because it gives us a way of communicating with them at a much earlier age than we would otherwise. Signs like “Eat” and “More”, “Cat” and “Baby” are ever-so-useful in everyday situations. However, every now and then, we’re blown away by some completely original thought, communicated via signing.

For instance, when I first got my hair cut last winter, I often put it up in pigtails to get it up and out of the way. The first time Willow saw me thus, she stared and stared. I figured she was noticing the difference and was getting used to it. All of a sudden, she started doing the “Dog” sign, panting with her tongue out. It dawned on me that she thought my hair up looked like puppy ears! So, basically, she called me a dog. Though it was in the middle of the night, we had a good laugh about that one.