We Are What We Eat

This is just a quick note, but I had to write it. When I wrote a post way back when, describing how I thought Owen was affected by artificial food colorings after his first encounter with them in Halloween candy, I thought many folks would scoff. It turns out that I was likely right… a scientific study has been published about it. Instead of re-phrasing everything others have written already, I point you to another mama’s blog:


Hopefully, our grandkids will be able to enjoy commercial foods that have been naturally colored. Until then, we are trying our best to limit what Owen and Willow get each day. By making our own food as much as possible and shopping at our local natural foods store, we do pretty well. And, we won’t be able to shelter them forever, but we can certainly educate them, all the while trying hard not to make the forbidden multi-colored fruit seem too enticing…