Owen’s Belated Birthday Thoughts

Ok, so Owen is five! Actually, he’s been five for a while, and I’m just now writing about it.

On the morning of his birthday, Owen woke up and said “I’m so excited that I’m five! I’ve been waiting years for this!” So true, and spoken so earnestly, sweet guy.

As for his celebration, this was the first birthday where we let him decide exactly who would be invited, given a small number of invitations. Well, small is relative, I know. This year’s celebration was smaller than last year’s, when we tried out the open house all-day party idea, but once all the relatives and siblings and all were added to the mix, it was still sizable. And yet, we missed some folks that we had been used to seeing at his party. So, Geoff and I have vowed to start having more gatherings of our own so that we can see all of those people then instead of using Owen’s party as the excuse.

But I digress…. back to the party. It was pirate-themed, and we had so much fun with this one. Thanks to cousin Adam, who rigged the cannonball launcher to its maximum launching potential, the kids spent lots of time trying to lob balls through a hula hoop we had taped to the deck railing. We also had the kids dress up as pirates, if so desired, walk the plank, and then we topped off the festivities with a backyard treasure hunt where each clue was hidden in a bottle somewhere in the yard. Each clue led to the next clue, which ultimately led to the treasure chest buried in a pile of leaves in the garden. And, oh yeah, Uncle Roger read a pirate book, we had a treasure chest cake, and yummy food to top it off.

I am terribly behind on thank-you notes (from a person who got all the supplies for sending holiday cards out, albeit late, and then never did…), and at this rate may never do it, but I am so thankful to everyone who came and helped to celebrate his day with us. It was a lot of fun!

We also continued the tradition of letting the birthday person pick the restaurant on the actual birthday, and Owen chose our new favorite Thai place; Thai Titaya’s. I hope his love of great food never diminishes!

I also hope this coming year offers many bits of happiness… Happy birthday, Owen!