Pictures – Finally!

Life over the past 6 to 7 months has been crazy.  I took 9 hours of school in the summer, then I took 9 hours in the fall.  It’s been super busy and super stressful for me.  Oh, and then there was my wacky trip to Europe, with a long post in the works about that.

For now, I just wanted to get some pictures posted.  I owe you, my dear readers, a couple more pictures posts after this one, and I again hope to start blogging more as – let’s face it – as I get older, I will start forgetting stuff.

Oh yeah, I took a break over the holidays for basically my first time in years.  I mean, a real break, some real time off as it was nearly two weeks.  I need the rest and relaxation, and it was cool to spend a bunch of time with the kids.  Over that two weeks, Willow almost started walking and improved her vocabulary/communication at an incredible rate.  Owen continues to prove amazing in so many respects.  Between the two of them, I am in a lot of trouble when they are teens.  Otherwise, I spent a bunch of time just piddling around the house, working on little projects, cooking, and that sort of thing.  Oh, and watching football.  Oh, how I’ve missed it!

But, without further ado, pictures!

09/2007 – Willow’s Birthday

09/2007 – Willowbear and O-train

10/2007 – Halloween

10/2007 – Gettin’ Medieval 

12/2007 – Silly Willow Tricks

12/2007 – A Day at Mayfield

12/2007 – Layin’ Round the House