Birth Live-Blogging!

Update – October 1 – 12:30am: From the time of the last post (7 pm) til now, things have been a bit wacky. At least they are slowing down. We’ll/I’ll do a more thorough post with extra-added gory details, but the bottom line is that we are the proud parents of a baby. What sex you ask? For now, that’s a closely held secret, just so we aren’t bombarded with name suggestions. Monica and the baby are both healthy and looking good. Oh, the baby weighed in at 7 lbs and 21 inches.  Born almost right at 9pm, you can see that things really moved along, and both children were born on the 30th of their respective months.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to post a couple of pictures soon.  I wanted to end with this: the baby was born at home, and Monica was a superstar throughout.  I mean, really, all that she was missing was the M on her cape.  More coming soon!*

*soon means at some point, not necessarily in the next couple of hours.  I want to go to sleep!

Update – Sept 30 – 6pm: From this morning until around noon, there wasn’t much to talk about. Over the past few hours, though, things have picked up. Over the past 1 1/2 hours, even more so. It’s definitely getting closer, and it appears my full moon guess is about as accurate as the Texans winning the Super Bowl this year. Oh well.

7pm – Monica having the major urge to push.


Well, it’s been quite a while since we’ve posted here, so let’s re-kick it off with a bang, shall we?

Monica’s contractions, which had been kinda erratic over the last couple of days, a few here and a few there, have become considerably more consistent over the past 10 or so hours. At this point (1am CDT), they are about 8-10 minutes apart and definitely picking up in intensity. My begging and pleading with her to get some rest hasn’t been terribly effective, so I hope she is able to get some sleep before long. I kinda wished I had slipped her some sleeping pills in the wine I just gave her. *cough*

I’ll do my best to keep the updates going, but I make no promises. Signing off for now.