Latest Haps

We’ve been pretty busy lately, not posting on the blog for over a month now. And there was good reason…

On the Monday after Thanksgiving, Nov 28th, Monica and I had to vacate the house for a week. In case you don’t know, we have been remodeling the house. For that week, they were re-doing the hardwoods, which meant that we literally had to move everything on the hardwoods, which was every room except for the bathroom, kitchen, and the new utility and bathroom.

SO, everything in our house is in one of these rooms or in The Pod we rented (one of those big freaking things that sit in your driveway). The week we were kicked out of house was pretty crappy, for me at least. Ma and Owen stayed in way south Austin with my uncle. The first night, Monday night, I was able to sleep at the house, but it was pretty Spartan. The second night, I drove down to my uncle’s, but getting to work Wednesday morning took 90 minutes as it doubled my commute! At that point, I knew I was pretty doomed, so I roughed it the next few days. I slept in the bathroom twice, back porch twice, and at my uncle’s house Friday since I didn’t need to go to work. Owen had an absolute blast playing with Adam, so that was super cool. Yeah, living vicariously through my 3-year old.

Because the floor guys didn’t get their stuff done Saturday, doing it on Sunday, we weren’t allowed back in the house until Monday (December 5). On Monday, the carpenters were supposed to replace all the 1/4″ round molding that goes along the floor. All of it was ripped up to re-do the hardwoods. Of course, the carpenters didn’t show up, but we had to get everything out of the utility, bathroom, and kitchen by Wednesday night as the linoleum was going to be laid! Turned out that the carpenters didn’t finish most of the house until Tuesday night (Dec 13th), or 8 days later!!! So, for a solid week, most of our house was literally in the center of our living room bunched together so that the carpenters could put in the molding. Oh, and because the carpenters screwed up the flooring where the linoleum was being laid, the linoleum wasn’t laid until Monday.

Tuesday night (Dec. 13th), we have to caulk almost all the molding because the carpenters hadn’t done that yet because, YES!, the pod people were taking the pod back first thing Wednesday morning (or it was gonna be another $200). We caulk, paint, and unload the Pod Tuesday night, finishing it all up around 10:45 (thanks a ton to Dad, Roger and Shirley). I jump in the shower (because I stank like all hell), and lay down. I am tired, but excited, as it this whole ordeal was coming to a resolution.

Right at midnight, I hear what sounds like somebody pounding in the attic with a sledgehammer. A pipe burst burst up there! The new water heater sits right above the new area on the wall just off the living room expansion, and it’s spraying scalding hot water all over the attic and down into the living room on the stuff we had just moved in 2 hours earlier. I managed to get the water shut off within about 2 to 3 minutes of the pipe bursting, but there was damage.

OK, so the next day, ironically, the plumber is scheduled to be at the house first thing. He gets here, goes into the attic, says it’s freeze damage, takes the part and literally runs out the door. That bs wasn’t gonna fly, but he came back, eventually admitted it was shoddy worksmanship, and will cover the damages that were inflicted. Three walls were soaked, the ceiling was soaked in about a quarter of the house, all electrical pieces (sockets, lights, fans, etc) are ruined in the living and dining room, and the poor hardwoods, just a couple of weeks old, may be ruined (though they are settling back down nicely).

So, that’s what we have been up to the past three weeks. Into this “experience”, toss in two certification exams I have been studying for, and it’s been a really, really tough last month. If it wasn’t for Roger, I think I would have shaved my head and joined a nunnery. He has been incredible. Thought you might like to know about our wackiness. We’ll hopefully return, soon, to our blog-tastic ways.