Laguna Glorious

This afternoon was beautiful. The weather was a tad warm for mid-October, but the sky was sunny and the air clear (not to mention my nose, which had been clogged for a week, and is thankfully doing much better). We took a trip to Laguna Gloria to visit the grounds with Sara and Thomas, and I’m just so happy we did.

We threw coins into fountains, ran around the sunken rose garden, rubbed stone lions, sat on a pier, watched two herons soaring and fishing, played in the mud, and generally had a good time visiting. Sara and I reminisced about the Fiesta days and mourned the cascarones.

I’m just glad the park is still open to visitors. What a wonderful secret, so close to us. And Owen even fared better, emotionally, while having his second no-nap day in a row. I chalk it up to the outdoors.

(Thanks, Geoff, for making this blog possible!)