All about Papa

Yeah, it’s been a while since I have done anything with the site. But, in another spastic moment, that’ll be changing soon.

On Thursday, I’m having back surgery, so I’ll be kinda laid out for a few days. In the meantime, I hope to post plenty of new photo collections we have. In January, we bought a new Canon Digital SLR, and it rocks the cat box. We have tons of pictures, and the quality of this camera is leaps and bounds above the last one (a six year old digital).

So, this is a heads up if anyone has even been visiting lately. I really do hope to do more with the site. And, here’s some “proof.”

What I’m listening to: Balkan Beat Box.

We’re baaa-ck

That’s right, sports fans, is back like a phoenix or that burrito you had for lunch. After the move and my switching servers at home (again) and school work, the blog took a back seat. The new site will be considerably better done, and we’ll start working on our new picture gallery ASAP. You WILL need approved access in order to view the gallery, so I’ll be sending that out when it happens.

Also, if you would like a email address, and you know you do, please contact me and I will set you up!

That’s it. Now get back to work!